About Us

About Us

Southern Cross Church opened its doors in January 2018, as a part of CVAT (Christian Community Churches of Victoria &Tasmania) under Pastor Jimm Gorgonnia.

In June 2022, Jimm began a new church plant in Wyndham Vale, know as WynLife Church. At that time, Costa Englezos took over the pastoral role at SCC.

We are a smallish church, that gives us all the opportunity to really get to know one another and form significant friendships.

Our Mission Statement

Our church’s mission statement is simple, we want to help everyone.
Love God; Love People: Matthew 22:37-39

Love God

  • Glorify Him through our worship
  • Through our growing obedience to Him and reflection of His character
  • Growing love for and knowledge of His Word, the Bible

Love People

  • Loving support and encouragement of one another
  • By doing our best to meet their needs: physical, emotional and spiritual
  • By sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with compassion and respect
  • To establish new believers as disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ
  • To equip disciples to become labourers (workers) for God’s Kingdom